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    // Heart Out //

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  5. presidentgay:

    me: *doesn’t start hw until 10 pm*

    me: *at 10:15 pm* i am dROWNing in sCHOOL work why do teachers do this to me I hATE THis cruel WORLD look at all of THE iNJUSTICE 

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  8. katielouiseyo:

Lock screen forever


    Lock screen forever

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  11. officialunitedstates:

    Insects actually have no importance of any kind in food webs and all that.  If there were no insects on earth we would all be better off and there would be no repercussions whatsoever.  want more proof? mars doesn’t have insects and it is doing fine.  it’s red but it’s fine

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  14. bombing:

    before you make any attempts on my life be mindful of the fact that i cry really easily

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